React Tutorial

React is an open-source library for creating interactive user interfaces. Also known as ReactJS or React.js, React was first released in May 2013 by Facebook. Since then, it became one of the most popular front-end libraries, with support from a large community, which improves its usage and capability.

React is a great tool to build component-based systems that manage their state and administer data through the application without using the standard DOM.

Why Learning React

  • React is very efficient and swift. It uses the virtual DOM, which only renders the required node for a particular action.
  • React is supported by a large community of developers, making it easier to get support from community members when needed.
  • React can develop a large type of web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and more.
  • React is relatively easier to learn compared to other front-end libraries and frameworks.
  • React is widely used by top-notch technology companies, such as Facebook (obviously), Netflix, Newyork Times, Whatsapp, Airbnb, and more.

React Prerequisites

Before you start this course, please make sure you have basic knowledge of the following topics:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  • Javascript fundamentals (Objects, Variables, Arrays)
  • Javascript ES6 features (Arrow Function, Classes)


This tutorial targets anyone who wants to learn ‘React’ smoothly and enjoyably. Each lesson contains explanations, along with sample source code to understand the topic better. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson to practice for maximum engagement and benefit.