An overview of multithreading in Java

When an operating system starts a program, it creates a new process; a process is essentially a program that is currently running. Every process is given one Thread (it can have more). Think of a thread as a linear path of execution through a program. Each Thread has its local variables, program counters (a program... » read more

An overview of Input/Output operation in Java (IO)

Streams link is established to a physical layer by a java I/O system to perform input and output operations. Streams are a continuous flow of data. The stream can support all data types, all types of objects, files, and characters to fully execute all input and output operations. package contains classes for system... » read more

File Handling in Java

Java offers all the basic functionalities in file handling such as: Create Read Write Delete Before you begin with any of the file handling operations, you must import the package, and then you have to create a Java file object. Apart from this, refer to the table below in order to learn all the... » read more

Polymorphism in Java

  Now, in both the subclasses, the “material” method will be used, and with polymorphism, it is possible to use the same method “material” of parent class in both the subclass. In Java, there are two types of Polymorphism available. Static Polymorphism Dynamic Polymorphism In this tutorial, you’ll learn about both of these with appropriate... » read more

Introduction to Java Applets for Beginners

In Java, Applets is a program that can run on a Web Page. Applet runs in a browser, and it can be embedded in the web browser (HTML page) using the Object tag. Applet makes Java more compatible and allows it to create dynamic web pages. Java Applet has a life cycle with appropriate methods... » read more