Agile Best Practices for Better Team Productivity

The agile methodology is widely adopted by many industries whose primary focus is to build products through a continuous cycle of small changes. Waterfall uses step by step techniques for product development while the agile practices bring flexibility with constant updates in the whole process. According to a recent survey, 71% of organizations use agile... » read more

How to sort an array in JavaScript using Quick Sort Algorithm?

How Quick Sort Algorithm works? The following steps explain how quicksort works. First, select an element – as a pivot element Compare all elements with the selected pivot element and arrange these in an order such that the elements less than the pivot element are placed on its left side and elements greater than the... » read more

Object-oriented vs. component-based design in software development

In this article, I am going to talk about the two concepts that may seem similar at so many levels. Like in .NET and Java, the class is also a component. Component and Objects also share a few properties, including reusability, encapsulation, minimal dependencies, etc. Component-based design primarily focuses on the decomposition of the design... » read more

Design patterns every developer should know about

Design patterns are reusable solutions to problems that we often face as software engineers. It is not a component or class that can be reusable. It is more like a statement of the problem and solution that works best for that specific problem. The design patterns can be used as a plug-n-play part of the... » read more

What is an Algorithm in coding?

Computer programs, no matter how big or small, are aimed to solve some kind of problems. As your intuition would suggest, a problem is a scenario that needs to be addressed or a task to be completed. In the Computer Science world, you can think of it in terms of input and output. A problem... » read more

What is the difference between a Software and a Program?

You are not alone if you get confused with the terms – software, and programs and don’t know if they are the same thing or not. Not-so-tech-savvy people often consider software and program as synonymous terms that can be used interchangeably. But software and program aren’t the same things when you view these two at... » read more