Calculate the Median value of two arrays using C#

Using C#, create a function/subroutine that takes two arrays as parameters, and return the median of the two arrays. Example of Median values of two arrays What is the median value? The median value of a list of numbers is the number that is right in the middle of this list. The list must be... » read more

An overview of Input/Output operation in Java (IO)

Streams link is established to a physical layer by a java I/O system to perform input and output operations. Streams are a continuous flow of data. The stream can support all data types, all types of objects, files, and characters to fully execute all input and output operations. package contains classes for system... » read more

An introduction to TinyXML2 parser using C++ ( Read – Insert)

C++, without any doubt, is the most popular programming language that can be found literally everywhere. since its birthdate in 1985, C++ has been the base language for learners, engineers, scientists, and researchers. In some instances, an application written in C++ may require saving and retrieve data that is located in an XML file. There... » read more

Object-oriented vs. component-based design in software development

In this article, I am going to talk about the two concepts that may seem similar at so many levels. Like in .NET and Java, the class is also a component. Component and Objects also share a few properties, including reusability, encapsulation, minimal dependencies, etc. Component-based design primarily focuses on the decomposition of the design... » read more