Shutdown and Restart a Computer using C# Managed Code

In this code snippet, you will learn how to Shutdown and Restart a computer using C# managed code. You can easily do so by running the shutdown.exe program using the System.Diagnostics namespace.

How to Restart and Shutdown a computer using C#?

First, add this namespace to your class:


Now, use this function to start or restart your computer. Notice the boolean argument restart which you can use to control the desired action.

void Shutdown(bool restart = false)
    if (restart)
            Process.Start("ShutDown", "/r"); // to restart
            Process.Start("ShutDown", "/s");// to shutdown


Timed shutdown using C#

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You can also use the shutdown command for a timed shutdown. This is useful if you want to shut down your computer after a specific period of time:

Process.Start("shutdown","/s /t 10");
 Note: 10 is the time in seconds before the computer shuts down. 

Happy coding!