Installing C IDE (CodeBlocks)

CodeBlocks is an open-source IDE that supports installation on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac). CodeBlocks is mainly for C/C++ developments and many compilers, such as GNU GCC. The official website of CodeBloks is


How to Install CodeBlocks 20.03 (or newer)?

Step 1: Download CodeBlocks

Go to to download the binary release of CodeBlocks, then select the operating system you are targeting. In this course, we are going to install CodeBlocks For Windows 10.

Step 2: Run the installer

  • Run the executable file.
  • Accept the term of the agreement.
  • Select the component that you want to install.
  • Select the destination folder.
  • Finish the installation.

You can visit the wiki page for more resources on how to use code blocks.

Alternatively, you can install Visual Studio, Eclipse, or NetBeans for this course.


Setting up the compiler

To set up the compiler.  Goto “Settings->Compiler->Global compiler settings->GNU GCC Compiler->Toolchain executables” and click on Auto-detect.

Note: You must have a compiler installed to compile the C code. The MinGW Compiler comes in the package that we have downloaded at the beginning of this lesson.

Now we have set up the compiler, you should be ready to move to the next lesson and write your first C Program!

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