Check if a Number is Positive, Zero, or Negative using Python

This code snippet is a simple way to checks if an entered number is positive, zero, or negative. It simply checks the number if it’s greater than zero for positive output, less than zero for negative output, or equal to zero for zero output.

Python program to check if a number is zero, positive, or negative

# Take input from the user
input = int(input("Please enter a number: "))

# Check the number

# if the number is negative
if input < 0:
    print("The number you entered is negative!")

# if the number is positive
elif input > 0:

    print("The number you entered is positive!")
elif input == 0:

    # if the number is zero
    print("The number you entered is zero!")
    # if the user entered a non-numeric value
    print("The input you entered is not a number!")


Please Enter a Number: 399                                                                                                       
The number you entered is positive!